Promises i made many
Returned to me were few
Oh darling, what my heart already agrees to
Must never need a promise to keep it true
I won’t apologize ever again
Sorry, i am not sorry
Elusive i was, i always will be
Sinfully accused, i am indifferent to any glory



You told her red means love,

so when she bled at the oppression,

she thought its love

you told her blue is the water,

so when she cried a million tears,

she felt her thirst quench

you told her yellow is the falling of leaves,
so she wore yellow forgetting about the spring
you told her, black is for the mourning
so she wore black for the rest of her life
you told her white brings bad luck to the alive
so she stopped wearing white often

you forgot to tell her though
that colors, all of them, define only what you see
that without red, blue and yellow
black can never be
the light within her
is greater than the magic of light
which makes you see
the colors your mind defined and then you let it be
blessed to see the colors around
Aren’t we blessed further?

Beyond our eyes, is our mind

So don’t you ever wilfully fall for perjure!

It takes negative to build a positive.

I’ve known disappointment creep into the deepest corners of my soul. I’ve known the beauty of one single ray of hope making its way inside of me through the smallest hole of faith. I have known to fall and fall hard on the ground and I never learnt getting up until I realized why I was on the ground.. It takes courage to battle something external but it’s downright dauntless to fight something that has made its home within you. It takes pain, a lot of pain, to heal you once and for ever. It takes betrayal to teach you loyalty. It takes darkness to realize the beauty of darkness only. It takes rejection from friends, close friends, soul sisters,soul mates to make you realize your priorities, and their’s too. It takes depression to learn how to respect someone else’s. It takes sleeping pills to remain sane. It takes the hate for rainfalls to learn the gratitude for a sunny day. It takes living a nightmare to stop fearing the characters in it. But most importantly, it takes willing distance, half hearted prayers, deep ignorance, arrogance and all of the above, to finally, eagerly, beg and crave for Him, His love, His help and His attention. It takes negative to build a positive. It takes negative to build a positive. It takes negative to build a positive.