Keep holding on..

Grimaced at the past but
the future had me grinning
Clueless i had been but
my future has a meaning
It’s only once you fall
That you can look up above
See hope and your talents
And with yourself, fall in love
The journey isn’t fun but
All i know is this
If today you’re sad
tomorrow awaits your bliss!



Sat amidst the ocean
Over a palm leaf
Weightless as I felt,
Weightless my belief
Substance to my thoughts
Matter to my soul
I’ll swim across the oceans
With my self control


Sitting on the cold floor
Next to the window sill
The winds took her breath away
But she was here still
The moon that was shining
Was now hidden in thick clouds
The sky was a color pink
And she was shades of doubts
Hands over her heart,
Wanted to share her pain
But only moments later
It started to rain
It was a night to remember
When the sky was her soul
More power to all the people
Whose emotions the sky stole

The time is just not right..

Do warriors who wear armours
Brave or are they coward?
If they are wise then so am i
With my bulwark to all the passers by
I am the seconds ticking in a clock
At 60, I’ll be done
Ive had enough words left behind
For every passer by to find
Sometimes, I do find the casket
that fits
And pour my self into it
But every single time..
The time is just not right.


No one is born ruthless, or rude
Everyone starts off as pure, fine and crude
Drilling deep, hit after hit
will help you realize, you are a misfit
your true potential lies in shining
life lessons are like diamond mining

My Oxygen equivalent

I remember 12 years ago..when i was lying on top of her while she slept peacefully, i listened to her heartbeat. It was faster than normal. I remember the day was hard. With the routine chaotic house issues. I remember she slept with a heavy heart. I prayed to Allah and said, please exhange my heart beat with hers.

I remember 11 years ago, after a fight with my sibilings, they told me i am nothing and think too much of myself. I remember it was the first experience of words hurting me. I remember tears streaming down my face unintentionally. I recall i went to her. Hugged her and cried till i slept. I remember she asked nothing.

I remember 10 yrs ago, the day when she was sick. We ordered food from a closeby venture. I fed her with my little hands. I remember she told me; i trust u with everything if i ever leave this world.

I remember every year, she would be proud of me at each parents teacher meeting.

But i also,

remember 5 years ago, the look of disappointment on her face.

I remember only falling in her eyes from there onwards.

I remember crying with hurt but not letting her hear a single sound of my sighs.

I remember fighting the demons she told me to stay away from.

I remember wanting to hug her like 11 years ago but finding it so hard to do

And i

Want to remember each feeling while growing up.

If i am a 100%, she’s the 1 in it.

Thankyou mama.

You have my heart.

3 am

There once was another me

A me who never knew

I never believed i could ever be

Amongst the very few

Who once was all or none

No looking left or right

Has learned and is newly born

To put her all to fight

“If i look mean, it is because I am”

Survival instincts or so I’d say

It’s working like a plan

In a predestined way

On this journey if i reck

A few soles and souls

I’d be happy to have a stack

And have an equal score.