If i painted every wall

With the colors that i see

each time i see the injured soul

After another misery

If i painted every wall

Like a cultural fest

With all the flying colors

On passing life’s test

On painting every wall

With every color that i saw

I’ll change the grey scale

And color every flaw

I’d have the gallery display

So vivid and bright

So people come and notice

That when you put a fight

You arent black or white

Or red after you bled

You’re colors of the rainbow

Whether alive or dead




Hold my ground

On observing people close around,
i thought I’ll always hold my ground
taking everything so deeply to heart
i knew i was off to a wrong start
i must care less or none at all
i’ll stand my ground, i will not fall
i knew if the head’s my heart
they’ll call me wise and oh so smart
but here i am all over again
counting losses and my gains
and all i see here in my store
are all my truest feelings i ignored


aaaaaaaaaaaa(insert jumping emojis) ..Haha, the excitement is a bit overdue tbh. ok fine, VERY overdue. It has been 3 months. I GOT MY UKULELE ON MY BIRTHDAY which was in March… by my oh so amazing family but largely my sister. I have been crying about it sinceee yearss so there was little surprise that my family got it for me.
Honestly rn, i am writing all this without thinking 😛 so if it gets posted like this only, don’t question my sanity. I am just a bit (read: VERY) childish.
OK so, I am naturally inclined towards most artistic things out there. DRAWING, SINGING, DOING HENNA, ACTING, PAINTING, ORGANIZING STUFF(i guess?), DANCING and ROOM DECOR. It’s true I have zero confidence in whatever little talent i have that needs A LOT of polishing which is why i NEVER tell anybody i like doing these things. Also because, as a practicing Muslim, i have to do a few of these things privately.
ANYWAYS, let’s talk about my progress so far and all about my Ukulele.
So ukulele(see post image) is like a guitar in the way it works but smaller, lesser strings, cuter(DUH), and has a different tone altogether than a guitar. Esp the Soprano size, which is what mine is.
When i first held it, it was something so new to me apparently but it felt like i was meant to have it. I mean i really don’t know how to explain this. I didn’t know how to strum it, yet i knew how to. Get it ? Yeah, me neither.
So my struggle to learn started almost the very next day. I had ALL SORTS of problems and felt dumber than i usually do. but then i would google and others would be having the same issues so it was nice to be a part of the dumb club. The first thing i remember i googled was: How much pressure to put on strings? YepI totally googled that. It sounds so funny now. Then i went on learning the chords and what not.
3 months later, i think i can play the Uke in front of  a literate public and expect modest amount of acclaims. My progress obviously has been this fast because I literally didn’t miss a day of practice. It got to a point where my fingers would tingle in wanting to hold the Ukulele while i was away in university.
If i can be honest though, Ukulele takes my mind away from so many things yknow? Esp thoughts and unwanted feelings. It’s amazing. but so does all other artsy things. I started doing Henna so much at a point in my life, just to stay distracted. NOT healthy, but TOTALLY works.
This is a post i’ve been wanting to write for a long time but i wanted to include the progress which i just was never satisfied with to be able to write about. So, I guess that is all for now.

~Peace and love to all. ❤

Keep holding on..

Grimaced at the past

but the future had me grinning

Clueless i had been

but my future has a meaning

It’s only once you fall

That you can look up above

See hope and your talents

And with yourself, fall in love

The journey isn’t fun

but All i know is this

If today you’re sad

tomorrow awaits your bliss!


Sitting on the cold floor
 Next to the window sill
 The winds took her breath away
 But she was here still
 The moon that was shining
 Was now hidden in thick clouds
 The sky was a color pink
 And she was shades of doubts
 Hands over her heart,
 Wanted to share her pain
 But only moments later
 It started to rain
 It was a night to remember
 When the sky was her soul
 More power to all the people
 Whose emotions the sky stole

The time is just not right..

Do warriors who wear armours
Brave or are they coward?
If they are wise then so am i
With my bulwark to all the passers by
I am the seconds ticking in a clock
At 60, I’ll be done
Ive had enough words left behind
For every passer by to find
Sometimes, I do find the casket
that fits
And pour my self into it
But every single time..
The time is just not right.