Why am i like this

Have you ever felt like if something you’re imagining happened, you’ll go nuts? Have you ever lived through your wildest imaginations and couldn’t believe you had it in you to be able to survive? I know you have!

A lot of my close peers think I try and act innocent and that is true..or I know stuff but I don’t want to share it ..true again ! I do know A LOT of shit probably before any of them had any idea about it but what is truer than all of the rest is that I don’t want to know anymore. That is the result of unwanted information coming into your life. I am not curious and I never have been about most things that gross me out when discussed in detail. Most things that are normally taken as jokes are downright insulting for me!! But there’s absolutely not a single soul that knows about it or will ever hear these words out of my mouth. I don’t laugh on the jokes that are supposedly funny for most, I don’t want to join in what I have practically dragged myself out of, what I put my hands on my ears to stop myself listening to. Simply because I am saving my sanity! Regardless of how naive or uninformed people call me, my tolerance knows bounds that even I am surprised about. Luckily, it has started to make more sense of why I stand like a knight with a shining armor for everything that threatens to kill the image I want to stick with me for life.



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