Why I hate shopping

1.  THE WALKING AROUND! let’s be very honest, all these shops packed in the same space one after another  with only different names but the same lights have more or less the same stuff but nah uh, one just can’t simply choose what they absolutely love from the first shop only because they’re a freaking cat and curiosity might kill them if they don’t look all the other shops in the row. Sheer dumbness. adding to the reason why this particular clause tops the list is because one will simply return back and look again in all those shops THEY JUST PASSED BY. I have zero patience when it comes to shopping, tbh. And by this point, if youre this person, you should stop conversing with me because most probably you’re already dead for me. I am not even exaggerating. also, wait for it !!

2) THE ONE PERSON THAT WILL ALWAYS PUSH YOU! okay so this isn’t general..but it always happens with me no matter how uncrowded the place is. I swear people need to chill!!! like I do. mostly I can’t hear the excuse mes coming my way ( MOSTLY THERE ARE NO EXCUSE MES)because I’m too busy playing sudoku on my cellphone hence the next best option for them is to push and move right past me. AND they will always always be triple my size. How sweet. I’ve got only one thing to say to these people.. SEE YOU IN HELL!!!

3) THE ANNOYING BABIES CRYING AND THE MEN! okay I am sorry, I do believe in gender equality but really? what do men have to do in a very biased women’s shopping market? that too, in one of the most crowded markets of the city. Can’t some women keep their men at home and leave their useless babies at home with the useless men? How hard is it? And OMG the babies, all they do is cry and I don’t blame the little ones, I feel them, totally. If I could, I’d do the same but, sadly.. I have numbers added to my age. double digits that is.

4) THE USELESS CRAP FROM THE SHOPKEEPERS! This is just sad. because I just sit back with the most pathetic expression I can make and let the elders do the talking BUT BUT these shopkeepers will always have to have something to comment on me. I mean what? do I owe you something? you should LITERALLY mind your own business. For instance, this one shopkeeper kept asking my mom if I am her daughter or the daughter in law,  I MEAN COME ON YOU BLIND IDIOT. that’s not it btw, The reason his pea sized brain could think of was BECAUSE APPARENTLY I LOOKED LIKE A PERSON FROM A COMPLETELY ANOTHER CASTE, RACE whatever and i shall be honest, i dont even remotely look like the people from that caste..but my mom and sister could totally be mistaken as one..I mean how blind can you be??!

5) THE BARGAINING/CONCESSION! ! The only time in the whole torture where I feel hopeful of seeing my bed again is exactly when this part comes. The sweet moment when the shopkeeper tells you the price a thousandth time but you MUST act like it’s the first time you hear It. AND THEN PROPOSE A PRICE THAT EVEN I WOULDNT WANT TO BUY IT ON. This Is the only  part btw, where the tables turn, and i honestly feel like I am a fool. Because to be honest, why would any person in their right mind come to half the price they first told you if they didn’t have the intention of totally ripping you off. Bless these tactics my mom has which I still haven’t acquired, for it’s the reason we still have food to eat :’) Each time after the bargaining goes successful, my faith is restored in the phrase time Is money. because honestly, it takes quite some time to save your money.

HAHAHA. sorry for totally ruining the meaning of that phrase. it’s bullshit anyways.

OKAY THAT HELPED ! Now I can sleep in peace.





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