A lol moment

Okay so to lift the air of negativity and depression, let me share a recent funny event.

You know I never thought siblings are supposed to resemble? as a child, ie. Then biology came Into being for me. but they really are expected to resemble y know? . at least something should. my sister and I don’t. We’re very close in all other ways, to compensate probably. haha.

so yesterday, we were talking to a non Pakistani on Skype, and I say that because only a non Pakistani can ask a question as such xD so she looks at us. talks to us and then suddenly asks the most funniest question in reference to our appearances ..

she asked if my sister and I share the same parents. Hahaha! and my instant reaction was.. is It that bad?? What an amazing thought tho xD

She doesn’t know our culture of course. It’s not like it doesn’t happen but is definitely uncommon to have different parents as a Muslim Pakistani. Even though four marriages are very legally allowed, it’s not considered good in the society and even not advised in Islam in the very verse that deems it permissible. but without further drifting away from the topic,  that’s how un alike we are..apparently


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