The “it’s time to get up” phase

In any and every failure of any kind, you’ll go through three main phases.

The first, of course would go something like “I FAILED”, “I SUCK” , “MY LIFE IS OVER”, “I DON’T DESERVE HAPPINESS”, “LEAVE ME ALONE” and etc. This phase is called the “hit you right in the face” phase. Yep, i made that up. Of course it’s still true, come onn! Here you’ll bash yourself for every possible mistake you’ve done in life but the one in question. Not to forget you’ll deliberately think about everyone who did something ugly to you to subconsciously bag up some sympathy for your own self. Should i mention how much you’ll cry? no? okay. (but you will)

Moving on to the next phase. This I call the “bitter sweet phase”. Now that you’ve finally made peace with what has happened, you’ll feel a strong urge to go for it again, or for something new and prove to yourself(actually, to the world) that you can do it! Here you’ll suddenly transform into a problem solver. Or at least you’ll feel like one and do all you can to clean the mess. As much as you think the stimulus to make it work reached the threshold potential, you will still at times feel like you need a bucket full of shit to dig yourself into. In short, you’ll be delusional and hardworking but unmotivated and self abasing..all at the same time.

The third and the final phase is the “it’s time to get up” phase. This is literally the opposite of the first one. Where in the first one you thought about whatever wrong has been done to you, here you’ll think of whatever wrong you’ve done to others. Where you thought you suck and you are useless, now you’ll think you can do it because you’re awesome(also because such thoughts are the need of the hour now) and where you cried, now you’ll find yourself paying no heed whatsoever to any of your emotions.
This is my personal favorite phase. The train of realization runs through all these phases, but this is where it loads off most of its loot. You’ll be a far better person by this stage and realize your true potentials at this stage.

Failures are a blessing. And a greater blessing if they happened to you before you reached the practical world. ( I didn’t make that one up, i swear)
There are many other factors. Don’t be too curious to know and stage yourself up for a failure. Let it find its way to you 😉 we will all go through failures, losses and disappointments many a times in life, I can guarantee that. And we all have the ingredients to cater for the wreckage it causes., I also guarantee that.

-Fi Aman Allah


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