Who’s she

ignorant, carefree she stood there laughing
blessed is the ignorant, ignorance is a bliss
friends, family, jokes and memories as buoy
nothing came in between, her and her joy
smoothly she moved
through every challenge in life
injured many a times, she fell down never
she stood up each time smiling brighter than ever
surrounded by intimates, their shadows and promises
what is life, without communication she thought
bonded a few to her heart so strong
friendships like these can never go wrong
it takes more than prayers, it takes lots of words
when words seem short, its the actions that play
the circle often grows, the heart’s big enough to hold
but the rule only applies to hearts made of gold
amidst every chores, those bonds she had made
faded away in ignorance, little did she notice
arrogant in trust, as she moved further
the sound of the wreckage, made her shudder
what happened, where did, why must?
she was being taught the greatest lesson in life
in only little a time, who’s a friend, who’s a foe
she learns the ultimate lesson, of letting close ones go
quickly hid the tears, no one knew she’s hurt
to act like it doesn’t matter, to show she doesn’t care
feelings kept aside, always come to greet
feelings are meant to be felt, there’s no escape cheat
with hurtful words or two, of friends now foe
she smile the same still, she laughs a little louder
connect the dots back, she wishes she could do
once she figures out, what’s false and what’s true
for bonds that link the hearts. they never break so easy
friendships she still wants, she’s just a little choosy
the ups and downs acknowledged, she craves a little more
many a windows to escape, but she needs only a door
which leads to a place where puzzles make a picture
of a vivid, laughing moment from the past venture
tries to elude from these complicated knots
where hurtful words, connect the dots.

-if only delusions didn’t delude us



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