choose good over and over again.

Sadly, as humans, we work on the apparent. Which is why, when a person fakes a smile, it works but when a person secretly prays for you, it doesn’t. You’d never realise how depressed or what battles one is fighting as in the first case, and as for the second, you can never measure the amount of care in one’s heart for you unless they post a long paragraph with your best looking picture on any or all social media/s. It sounded pretty unfair to me until recently. Owing to My newly found realization as to the purpose of each of us in this world from the day we are born till the day we take our last breath, the unfair doesn’t really bother me now. To start with, Remember, Assumptions only hurt.
We are born as babies(ofcourse) with almost no insight . That said, a baby doesn’t have a religion or a culture. It isn’t inherited in genes. So let me take this generally from here. If you create a piece of art, let’s say a painting, you would know all about it. You would know the colors you used, the time it took, what would damage the painting, what the painting really means and what purpose shall it, thereby serve. Even more so, because you made it from scratch, you love it dearly too.
The One Who created us, knows us too. He knows our heart, and He knows our mind. Why ? Because He Created us. He put in us all there is. That’s more than enough of a justification to follow the rules a religion teaches us or advises us to follow, considering they aren’t interfered with man’s opinion. However, we always need an explanation, a reinforcement. Some thing like, “Oh really? Science agrees? must be true now” Anyhoo, not going down the religion lane.
Coming back to what I started from, our purpose in life isn’t to earn a doctorate or to help one another. The good things we do, aren’t really a purpose unless they have an intention behind them. You might be the kindest person with the purest heart. You feel the urge to help the needy, to create a difference and you think THAT is your purpose in life. But on the train from one orphanage to the next, the passenger sitting next to you, knows nothing about it. In fact, they think otherwise and made it clear to you. Here is where your intention kicks in. If your intention was to help a needy for the sake of a reward from God, you wouldn’t care what the next person thinks so you’d smile and wait for the ride to end. But if you expect a reward of any kind from them, be it a few words of praise or a goodbye with making a good impression on them, you wouldn’t let any opportunity go by to not unequivocally state your purpose.
The simple scenario can vary almost completely each time. You can end up being very disappointed when you expect anything from a living being.
No one said life is fair though. No one agrees that people are fair either. We assume it so. And Assumptions usually only leave us very disappointed.
Putting it in a nutshell, the good you do here may not always return to you in this world. You might change someone’s life and die with that secret still buried deep in your heart only. Someone can hate you for all of your life while you prayed for their betterment every day. We are humans. We have imperfections and limitations. Next time you pour a thirsty a glass of water, tell them to thank God because you were just a source. You thank God too, cause He made you a source.

Choose Good over and over again, and as a heads up, it is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, you will be surprised how often you would have to fight your instincts you thought didn’t even exist.

-peace out.


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