They say time is the best healer. I don’t quite agree. Time doesn’t heal. Healing literally means becoming healthy again. No one becomes healthy again after being emotionally damaged or heart broken. At least not completely. You take each step on the same road, but after thinking twice.
Over two months down since i saw my earnest wish crippling down, every day is still exactly the same, with some spells of comfort and larger spans of depression. I can not do justice with words to my feelings, but life has never been this hard in the past 19 years. More over, it’s not just that i have to accept a failure for my own self and lose my hopes to disappointments, but the greater part hurting my ego is facing the people who will never in a millennium understand what i go through. For a person who boldly believed that money is not everything, money becoming everything is pathetic in its own way. I built my personality and my likes around things that weren’t materialistic. I never yearned for over flowing money until i saw every body progressing before me, ones who deserved and ones who don’t, on the mere basis of money. Until i saw that justice is weighed on  a balance against money. Until i saw that respect can be bought with money. And finally until i realized that happiness too, is money oriented. Even so realization dawned upon me in time, i am finding it more than difficult to accept it. I still believe money is not everything. I still advocate that simplicity is better than class, class that is decided by the measure of money you have. I still pity money oriented people. But for one reason alone, i envy those who have money, for my ways were hindered but their’s were not.
Rest aside, little is more for everyone who’s self contented. I was too, until the little was taken away from me, before having it at all.


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